OsteoMed’s KobyGard Changes the Face of Morton’s Neuroma Treatments

mortons neuroma

mortons neuroma

One of the leading causes of foot pain severe enough to hamper mobility is Morton’s neuroma.  What was once an involved surgery has been replaced by a more conservative, minimally-invasive procedure, thanks to a tool created by OsteoMed.

Morton’s Neuroma

The treatment for Morton’s neuroma once involved either an open procedure or the use of endoscopic instruments.  Whether the surgeon used a dorsal approach, transverse ligament release strategy, or nerve transaction strategy, the removal of and treatment for neuroma was time intensive. Morton’s neuroma symptoms like numbness and pain continued to be a problem for many patients, according to Wheeless Online. For a refresher on the more invasive traditional techniques, check out The Foot and Ankle Clinic’s photo series.

Now, OsteoMed’s KobyGard enables surgeons to isolate and cut the transverse metatarsal ligament quickly and easily, through a small incision only a few millimeters long. The KobyGard instrument makes it possible to easily insert a carefully-designed blade and quickly cut the ligament, releasing the pressure on the nerve. This provides Morton’s neuroma relief, while leaving the nerves of the foot intact. The release of pressure is generally sufficient to relive the pain in the nerve without further treatment.

Life after Morton’s Neuroma

A Houston news broadcast, by News 2 Houston, featured two local patients who were treated using the new procedure made possible by KobyGard. The first was a woman whose pain was so severe she couldn’t walk or wear a closed-toed shoe. Today, she’s back to her gardening.

“You can just feel the tightness of the ligament,” said Dr. Gary Lepow, a Houston podiatrist and foot-and-ankle surgeon. Lepow , said this condition seems to affect women more than men.

Another patient of Dr. Lepow’s who underwent the minimally invasive procedure said she expects to get back to dancing, something she and her husband have always loved but haven’t been able to do together for years due to Morton’s neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma foot surgery can be life-altering—but it doesn’t have to be invasive. If you see patients with this painful problem, consider OsteoMed’s KobyGard to help them get back on their feet.

 A New Generation of Orthopedic Tools

Morton’s neuroma isn’t the only painful condition to be altered by new tools and techniques. This new generation of minimally invasive treatment options can make a very real difference in the lives of your patients.  OsteoMed pride’s itself in being on the forefront of cutting edge technologies designed with surgical outcomes and the lives of patients in mind.

To learn more about the KobyGard System, come visit our website. To keep up with the most recent surgical news, connect with OsteoMed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and our blog.


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