OsteoMed Announces Launch of Hand Fusion Module

OsteoMed Hand Fusion

OsteoMed Hand Fusion

ADDISON, Texas (PRBuzz) June 6, 2012 — OsteoMed, LLC, a leading, privately held medical device company specializing in small bone implants and biologics; has announced the launch of its new Fusion module as an addition to the Hand Plating System. Hand Fusion is designed to provide stable fixation of the PIP joint at a natural resting angle. The system’s innovative design allows the patient’s finger to be fused between 20-55°. The unique angle of the Hand Fusion Plate provides the patient the ability to resume daily activity. The Fusion Screw, with its innovative design, is the first cannulated, compression, variable-angle locking screw.

Dave Kelly, Vice President of Small Bone Orthopedics said, “We are all really excited about our newest product launch for the upper extremity specialist. The Fusion module is a great complementary product to our existing Hand Plating System [HPS] and continues to demonstrate OsteoMed’s commitment to provide innovative product offerings.”

The Fusion module has been release for use with OsteoMed’s Hand Plating System, also called HPS, utilizing the variable-angle locking screws from the 1.6mm and 2.0mm modules. The HPS system, which was launched in 2010, is a self-contained system that contains four plate sizes and accepts up to four screw types: locking, non-locking, lag and cannulated. Adding the Hand Fusion module to the Hand Plating System provides surgeons expanded solutions for surgeries of the hand.

OsteoMed was founded in 1990 with the principle mission of improving patient outcomes through the development of advanced medical devices. Working in close collaboration with leading surgeons to create patient focused solutions, OsteoMed services the Small Bone Orthopedics, Craniomaxillofacial, Neuro, and Spine surgical specialties. Each business unit has dedicated resources to assure focus on addressing unmet clinical needs unique to each surgical specialty.

For more information on the Hand Fusion system please visit the HPS web page: www.osteomed.com/SBO_Upper/HandFusion.htm

Press Contact:
Company Name: OsteoMed
Contact: Amanda Warren
Email: awarren@osteomed.com
Office Phone: 972-677-4600


View the original press release here.

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