Memorial Day Thanks: A Message from Our CEO at OsteoMed



A Message from the CEO of OsteoMed: Walt Humann

On Monday, we will celebrate Memorial Day, one of our nation’s oldest and most significant holidays, born of our shared American heritage.  Together, we recall the glory and sac­ri­fice of all who have set their per­sonal aspi­ra­tions aside for the preser­va­tion of our soci­ety. Whether it is the dough­boys of World War I, our Great­est Gen­er­a­tion in World War II, our Cold War­riors who served in Korea and Viet­nam, the lib­er­a­tors of Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, or count­less oth­ers who served and sac­ri­ficed in smaller Amer­i­can actions around the world, we owe a tremen­dous debt of grat­i­tude to the men and women who took up arms against the ene­mies of the United States, lay­ing down their lives to ensure a brighter future for the loved ones they left behind.  As I contemplate what this holiday means to me, I am humbled by what others have done and continue to do to pursue our rights and freedoms.

This reflection gave me pause to think about how grateful I am for each of you who serve not only OsteoMed, but make a difference in people’s lives around the world.  A career at OsteoMed is more than just a job.  It’s a unique opportunity to live life with a purpose.  This is where we find amazing people who believe in our mission to improve patient outcomes through our world class products.  Countless people have had their lives dramatically improved by your hard work.

To kick off summer and in addition to honoring those who have served our country, I want to take a few minutes and say thank you for your dedication, perseverance when times are challenging and for making OsteoMed a great place to be.  I am honored to work beside and with you all.  As we head into the second half of the year, I am confident we will all remain focused on our goals and will drive to make 2012 another strong year for OsteoMed.  Again, thank you for all you do for us  – together we make a great team!

As Americans, may we never forget those who fought for our freedom, and may we celebrate the lives of those who have truly made America the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Please have a safe, relaxing and happy Memorial Day!


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