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OsteoMed Inion

At OsteoMed, we pride ourselves on innovating reliable, cost-effective implant solutions. We use next-generation scientific techniques in tandem with practical surgical experience to create surgical solutions that work. We outpace other medical device companies by combining a relentless eye with more »

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OsteoMed’s Top Videos From Q3 of 2013

Take a look back at OsteoMed’s top ranking videos from Q3 of 2013.  If you would like any additional product information, or to place an order, please call OsteoMed at (888) 370-9997. 1. OsteoMed Treats Flexible Flat Foot With Talar-Fit Subtalar Arthroereisis more »

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OsteoMed OsteoForm™ Mesh

OsteoMed’s next generation specialty medical products combine the best of medical science with practical application. Our OsteoForm Mesh™ is a unique CP titanium craniofacial mesh designed for formability and strength. The mesh may be contoured to adjust to specific patient more »

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OsteoMed is Seeking Distributors For The ECOS Powered Surgical Instrument System

OsteoMed is seeking additional qualified distributors to sell and market their ECOS small bone powered surgical instrument system in the US. The OsteoPower drill and saw that has been rebranded to ECOS. OsteoMed is looking for distributors that have an existing call more »

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Review of OsteoMed Product Releases in 2013

OsteoMed products and surgical equipment released in 2013 are some of the most forward-thinking innovations available in  today’s surgical market. The ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Fixation System and OsteoVation QWIK Bone Void Filler are two examples of cutting-edge orthopedic products; each is more »

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OsteoMed Disaster Preparedness Training

As a leading developer and manufacturer of surgical implants, instruments and specialized devices, OsteoMed understands that innovative tools combined with innovative collaboration can be a powerful force in the aftermath of disastrous events. That’s why we helped organize and facilitate more »

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OsteoMed Spinal Surgery Equipment Product Overview

OsteoMed’s innovative spinal surgery equipment, designed using cutting-edge technology, and engineered to deliver the best possible outcomes for physicians, hospitals and patients. Our surgical instrumentation, implants, and targeted solutions are focused on minimally invasive procedures, improve patient outcomes, and reduce hospital more »

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OsteoMed Small Bone Orthopedics Product Overview

OsteoMed’s product line of specialty medical devices, surgical implants and powered surgical instruments help orthopedic surgeons and small bone specialists improve patient outcomes, as well as make the procedures more efficient and effective for the surgeons. OsteoMed’s list of surgical options more »

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OsteoMed | Hammertoe Surgery Technique Using ExtremiFuse

The OsteoMed ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Fixation System is a new product expanding on OsteoMed’s existing small bone orthopedics line of products. ExtremiFuse offers a surgical hammertoe treatment providing numerous advantages to surgeons and patients. For more information on the ExtremiFuse System, more »

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Changing the Face of Biomaterials: OsteoMed Orthobiological Product Overview

OsteoMed orthobiological technologies set the industry standard for medical device companies. Our bone fillers, grafts, resorbable pins, and innovative tools are at the front edge of medical science application. Here’s a quick look at our orthobiological offerings: OsteoVation: Our OsteoVation more »

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