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OsteoMed’s February 2014 Surgical Conference Sessions

OsteoMed is proud to support numerous surgical conferences and medical societies by attending their annual meetings and conferences.  These venues are a key component in OsteoMed’s mission to stay fully informed of the latest clinical research and unmet clinical needs. more »

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OsteoMed | Spine PrimaLIF Lateral Interbody Fusion System

OsteoMed Spine’s PrimaLIF is a lateral interbody fusion system that literally turns traditional lateral access inside out. Controlled dilation from inside the PrimaLIF retractor allows superb nerve protection while minimizing tissue disruption during spinal fusion and similar surgical processes. Design, more »

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OsteoMed | PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System

The OsteoMed PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System is a flagship member of OsteoMed’s spinal product line. Robust implant options combine with simplified, included surgical instruments for a facet fixation system that lowers overhead and minimizes inventory while giving surgeons the more »

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OsteoMed | OMI™ Orthodontic Anchor System

OsteoMed products are known for industry-leading innovation and proven reliability. The OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System builds on that legacy of superior surgical solutions. The OMI’s unique configuration offers a variety of orthodontic anchor screws and instrumentation in a convenient more »

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OsteoMed | ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw System

OsteoMed’s innovative ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw system aims to transform the ways surgeons can work. Packaged as a single system, these different screw types allow a surgeon to make in-process decisions on what can best help a patient. Flexibility and Performance more »

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Technologies like OsteoMed’s OsteoHarvester set the industry standard for medical devices. Our surgical power equipment not only meets industry standards but exceeds them, with a focus on top quality and innovative engineering. The OsteoHarvester, like most OsteoMed tools, is designed more »

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Save the Date: Sept 21st During AOFAS – Ankle Fracture Management Featuring John S. Early, M.D.

Download the full PDF event brochure here: Early Save the Date John S. Early, M.D. is a board certified Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the care of foot and ankle abnormalities. His interests range from the management of toe deformities to restoring weight bearing function with more »

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OsteoMed at ACOMS – China

The 11th annual Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery will take place this August 22-25 in Xi’an, China, and OsteoMed will be proud to be in attendance. The conference will take place in the Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Center more »

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OsteoMed OsteoMatch

The OsteoMed OsteoMatch custom implant is designed to help surgeons provide high-quality surgical solutions for patients with large craniomaxillofacial defects. The OsteoMatch system combines durable, reliable implant materials with a high level of customization based on pre-surgical measurements and modeling more »

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OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System

OsteoMed is proud to introduce the new OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System, a comprehensive ankle fracture systems featuring double-lead screw technologies in cannulated, locking and non-locking screw configurations. This adaptive system was designed in close collaboration with cutting-edge orthopedic specialists more »

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