OsteoMed FastFlap

OsteoMed FastFlap 300x273 OsteoMed FastFlapThe OsteoMed FastFlap Neurosurgical Fixation System is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that addresses multiple neurosurgical approaches and indications. The use of the FastFlap system in conjunction with OsteoMed’s patented AutoDrive™ screws and the OsteoDriver disposable screwdriver, makes up the industry’s most formidable system for closing cranial flaps. 

Basic Features of the OsteoMed FastFlap

FastFlap for neurosurgical applications is a cost effective and easy to use method for cranial flap replacement.  FastFlap offers the following benefits and features:

  • Patented self-drilling Auto Drive™ screws, which eliminates the need for pre-drilling.
  • Superlative, low-profile plates and screws virtually eliminate palpability.
  • 3D bending and contouring of OsteoForm Mesh avoids creasing due to superior design.
  • A total, economical solution for cranial flap fixation and cranial reconstruction.

Components of the FastFlap System

The OsteoMed FastFlap system is comprised of interchangeable blocks, implants, and instruments. Blocks include 1.2mm blocks, 1.6mm blocks (standard and low-profile), a skull base block, and a mesh block. These surgical tools options allow for fast and efficient fixation.

A wide selection of additional implants is also available from OsteoMed. Among these are 1.2mm and 1.6mm Auto-Drive screws and 1.2mm and 1.6mm plates. Also available are low-profile, 1.6mm plates as well as skull base plates and mesh plates. Within the FastFlap system, OsteoMed offers the rigid mini plate cutter, plate-bending forceps, plate cutter, small grasping forceps, and a TAPERLOCK screwdriver body.

Profile Zero: Achievements in Low-Profile Neuro Plating

OsteoMed’s Profile Zero neuroplating system achieves new ground in low-profile plating alternatives.  This system eliminates palpability with the lowest plate and screw profile offered in the market. Engineered to exacting standards gives the , neurosurgeon considerable latitude when placing plates and screw in areas traditionally of concern with regard to palpability.  Some basic features of the Profile Zero System include:

  • 0.25mm profile
  • Palpability virtually zero
  • Reduction of operating room “footprint” (very small system)
  • Unique packaging with “Lift-Off” lid
  • Offering comprehensive selection of plates
  • Add-on instrument/auxiliary mesh drawer
  • Easily contour plates to passively fit patient’s anatomy

OsteoForm Mesh

A complementary product to FastFlap, OsteoForm Mesh is a craniofacial mesh that is easily formable. The features and benefits of OsteoForm mesh include:

  • Pre-formed mesh that easily adapts to anatomy of cranial curvature.
  • Only minor contouring of implant is needed when applying to anatomical curves.
  • Superior design will not crease when contouring.
  • Strong, rigid construction provides safety for underlying structures.

OsteoMed FastFlap: Providing surgeons versatility and strength

As a leader among quality medical device manufacturers, OsteoMed provides surgeons with the clinical options needed to maximize procedural outcomes.  OsteoMed’s FastFlap is the cost-effective surgical solution to meet that goal.

For more information on the OsteoMed Fast Flap, please, call, (888) 370-9997 or email webinfo@osteomed.com. You may also view the product website.

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OsteoMed CFx Cranio System

OsteoMed CFx Cranio System 288x300 OsteoMed CFx Cranio SystemThe CFx system by OsteoMed is among the most comprehensive and advanced Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Systems available. This system offers the latest modular trocar systems, ergonomic construction, and a patented clamping cheek retractor providing complete visibility when using transbuccal access to the oral cavity.

The OsteoMed CFx system incorporates customizable plate and screw block modules, numerous implant options, and various other surgical instruments designed to assure operating room efficiencies and ease of use.  With a one system designed to meet multiple needs within the craniomaxillofacial surgical context, the OsteoMed CFx System offers surgeons a high degree of flexibility.

OsteoMed offers the CFx tray as its most inclusive system. Its modularly houses surgical instruments on the tray’s upper level and locates up to three plate and screw blocks on the lower level.

Block Modules for Use with the CFx System

CFx adaptable block modules include:

  • 1.2mm and 1.6mm standard blocks for use in craniotomies, craniosynostosis, cranioplasty, fractures of the mid face, LeFort 1, 2, and 3, and the segmental maxilla
  • 2.0mm blocks for use in fractures of the mandible and mid face, LeFort 1, 2, and 3, BSSO, segmental osteotomies, and genioplasty
  • 2.0/2.4mm angled locking blocks ideal for trauma applications, angle fractures, fractures of the body, oblique external ridge fractures, condylar head fractures, and symphysis/parasymphysis fractures

Optional Blocks include:

  • OSA
    • For use in selective trauma of the craniofacial skeleton and mid face, pan facial fracture, selective orthognathic procedures of the mandible and maxilla, craniofacial procedures, and reconstructive surgery.
    • The OSA features maxillary plates that are pre-bent allowing for up to 12mm advancements.
    • Buttress plates are pre-contoured providing O.R. efficiencies and time savings. 
    • BSSO plates arranged in dual rows allows for 6-14mm advancements.
    • Pre-stepped Chin Plates allows for 8-12mm advancements.
    • 2.0mm Orthognathic
    • Ideal for reconstruction post-facial and cranial trauma, orthognathic reconstruction, reconstruction of mandible
    • Features a pre-shaped form allowing for easy passive adaptability to buttress regions
    • Plates are reversible allowing for placement to the left or right saving on inventory requirements
    • All multi-segment LeFort 1 patterns accommodated
    • Full advancement range supported by BSSO design

As a leader among medical device manufacturers, OsteoMed has designed a range of complementary products that enhance the surgical experience such as the patented AutoDrive™ Screws and OMI screws.

  • AutoDrive™ Screws—a premier OsteoMed-patented self-drilling screw, the best in the industry. 
  • OMI Screws—single-patient use implants provide a fixed point for anchoring various orthodontic appliances to enhance orthodontic movement of teeth.

The OsteoMed CFx Cranio System: Intelligent by Design

The OsteoMed CFx Cranio System provides surgeons and hospitals with outstanding scalable solutions for increased flexibility in the operating room. OsteoMed’s well-recognized excellence in technology, form, and design hold true with the creation of the CFx Cranio System.  OsteoMed has once again incorporated new innovation in a comprehensive system that is easy to use, cost effective and designed to help create O.R. efficiencies and optimize patient outcomes.

For more information on the OsteoMed CFx System, please, call (888) 370 9997, or email webinfo@osteomed.com. You can also view the product website.

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OsteoMed PrimaGraft System

OsteoMed PrimaGraft System 183x300 OsteoMed PrimaGraft SystemOsteoMed produces industry-leading surgical instruments and implants designed to help maximize operating room efficiencies and clinical outcomes.  OsteoMed’s Biologic offering, PrimaGraft and related products are no exception to our legacy of excellence.

The PrimaGraft System is comprised of two primary components:

  • The PrimaGraft Cancellous Sponge — cancellous and demineralized graft material created from 100% trabecular bone.
  • The PrimaGraft ISS Interspinous Implant —a truly biologic implant providing a matrix for remodeling and fusion of spinous processes.

The OsteoMed PrimaGraft CS gives the surgeon excellent handling characteristics, including unique malleability, that allow for precise manipulation—while the OsteoMed PrimaGraft ISS provides the perfect interspinous bio-implant designed to help promote optimal bone regeneration and fusion. Intelligent packaging allows both systems to save the surgical team valuable prep time in the operating suite.

OsteoMed’s PrimaGraft CS and PrimaGraft ISS biologic offerings can be used interoperative with OsteoMed’s other advanced systems such as the PrimaLOK SP system.

Notable Features of the OsteoMed PrimaGraft CS

OsteoMed PrimaGraft CS integrates with a range of surgical technologies for precision applications. OsteoMed’s state-of-the-art features include:

  • Spongy allograft already cut to allow for greater ease of use. Easily integrated with PrimaLOK SP, PEEK cages, and any bone void.
  • Constructed of osteoconductive materials. High osteoinductive potential ensures rapid growth.
  • Infusion of stem cells, PRP, and bone marrow aspirate (BMA) enhanced by sponge packaging.
  • Easy, quick, and precise packing from intelligent compressive characteristics.
  • Elastic properties yield a spongy material suitable for molding.

Benefits of the OsteoMed PrimaGraft CS system

  • Naturally based large surface area infrastructure is designed to promote cellular ingrowth and a greater concentration of bone growth proteins in the healing area.
  • Demineralized to allow for efficient molecular signaling involving new bone formation.
  • Easily compressed to fit in all shapes of bone voids and in PEEK/allograft cages.
  • Graft expands to fill contours.
  • PrimaGraft can accept PRP, BMA, stem cells, and other concentrates of cellular materials.
  • All components of the PrimaGraft CS system are sterile in their final packaging.
  • PrimaGraft CS Cancellous Sponge is genuine, 100% human allograft tissue.
  • Once properly placed, sponge will not migrate or ooze even if direct irrigation is applied.

The OsteoMed PrimaGraft ISS

The OsteoMed PrimaGraft ISS interspinous bio-implant is a low profile surgical tool option that can be easily and quickly inserted when treating stenosis. Its intelligent design allows it to be placed between and on top of the laminae. The primary benefit is that the PrimaGraft ISS allows for an organic union onto the graft.

Further implementation of OsteoMed’s design yields a product that keeps the spine in a slight flexion to allow decompression of the spinal nerve roots. Rotation and bending of the spine are still possible while the ISS spacer is positioned.

Unique ATPS Hydrated Packaging Maintains Biomechanical Strength & Saves Valuable OR Prep Time

Another strong feature of the PrimaGraft ISS is the diversity of patients who may be medically eligible for this product. For patients where less radical procedures are preferred, or necessary, the PrimaGraft ISS may be an ideal choice.

OsteoMed’s PrimaGraft: The Complete System

OsteoMed provides the PrimaGraft System as an integrated solution to spinal reconstruction and repair. Leading technological innovation and world-class design implementation result in a system that is focused on helping to elevate and optimize medical outcomes.

For more information on OsteoMed’s PrimaGraft System, please, call (888) 370-9997. Additionally, you may view the PrimaGraft CS and PrimaGraft ISS product websites.

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OsteoMed PrimaLOK SP

OsteoMed PrimaLOK SP 300x255 OsteoMed PrimaLOK SPOsteoMed prides itself as a leader among medical device companies and medical equipment manufacturers. The design of each product starts with the goal of combining procedural efficiency and efficacy with uncompromising quality. An example of this is the PrimaLOK™ SP Interspinous Fusion System—one of OsteoMed’s flagship products.

Why Surgeons Should Choose the PrimaLOK SP

PrimaLOK SP represents the next generation of Interspinous fusion technology and offers a fresh approach to lumbar fixation. The benefits of using PrimaLOK SP include:

  • Polyaxial grips optimize implant fixation to the spinous processes — ideal for L5-S1 placement Seven sizes, ranging from6mm to 18mm, accommodate variations in patient anatomy
  • Large bone graft window with floor enhances stability and graft containment
  • Easy-to-use instrument options for a variety of minimallyinvasive and minimally disruptive surgical approaches
  • Sterile packaging maintains implant quality and speed in the surgical environment

The PrimaLOK SP offers surgeons the most flexibility in adapting to challenging patient anatomy.

The Design Features You’re Looking For

PrimaLOK SP system incorporates four spiked poly axial grips designed to conform to individual patient anatomy, along with multi-directional poly axial plate technology for precision placement and fixation. The combined grip/plate range of motion is approximately 45 degrees. PrimaLOK also offers:

  • 28 -1.6mm spikes engage the bone for fixation
  •  Morse taper locks independently engage the 4 poly axial grips and plate during compression
  • 2 Locking steps, provisional and final
  • No set screws. Final lock achieved by 300 pound morse taper lock
  • Integrated graft window
  • Anterior  floor for intralaminar stability
  • Implants available in six  sizes, ranging from 6mm to 18 mm
  • Central post available in 25mm (standard) or 30mm sizes
  • Implants packaged in a double-peel container

Clinical Benefits

PrimaLOK is specifically designed to help surgeons handle variations in anatomy or particularly challenging cases. This system is ideal for non-cervical (T1-S1) placement. the ability to conform during compression minimizes the risk of fracture or SP disruption for a long-lasting, safe, effective surgical system. Specifically, PrimaLOK:

  • Allows for best placement at spinous process and lamina junction where bone quality is best
  • Includes spikes of optimal length and number to reduce concentrations of force
  • Avoids SP fracture, particularly due to variations seen in anatomy
  • Offers locking components designed to reduce loosening
  • Provides ample graft space
  • Graft window floor to enhance containment and increase stability
  • Variable sizes allows surgeons flexibility to adapt to their preferred surgical technique
  • Sterile packaging protects quality of implant

Complementary Products

The PrimaLOK SP system is designed to integrate with other OsteoMed products, providing that the flexibility to minimize inventory while maximizing surgical options. Complementary products to PrimaLOK SP include:

  • Facet Fixation
  • Cancellous Sponge (DBM)

OsteoMed PrimaLOK SP: The Best Choice

Surgical instrument companies face intense challenges as they seek to meet rigorous standards. OsteoMed offers the PrimaLOK SP as its premierpoly axial interspinous fusion system designed to meet challenging demands both during and after operating procedures. The PrimaLOK system offers intelligent features, including the ability to provisionally lock the inserter-compressor. For design detail like this, OsteoMed stands out among medical equipment manufacturers due to its commitment to excellence in innovation.

For more information on OsteoMed’s quality in innovation, check out our website, follow our blog and view the PrimaLOK SP Product Brochure. In addition, you may view the Surgical Guide. To contact OsteoMed, please, call (800) 456-7779 or email webinfo@osteomed.com.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed Events – AAOS 2014

OsteoMed Events – AAOS 2014 300x148 OsteoMed Events – AAOS 2014Every year the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons/American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons hosts meetings and exhibits designed to help attendees stay at the forefront of their fields. Keeping tabs on the pulse of the medical field is a priority for OsteoMed. Events like this helps the company develop and manufacture the tools surgeons need to increase efficiency in the operating room.

As a leader among medical equipment manufacturers, OsteoMed attends this event to showcase its surgical instruments as well as to provide educational opportunities for physicians. This year, AAOS will feature general topics in orthopaedics as well as more specific categories of information such as adult hip and knee reconstruction, spine, trauma, hand/wrist, ankle/foot, sports medicine and arthroscopy, tumor and metabolic bone disease, pediatrics, and other general research.

Other educational programs such as coding basics for starting your practice, a community orthopaedist workshop, and a practice management symposium for orthopaedic surgeons will also be available.

Attendees of this year’s meeting can experience the new electronic skills pavilion, which offers physicians the opportunity to learn more about how IT technology can bolster their practice and enhance the patient experience. Another learning opportunity is the Ask an Expert sessions, where surgeons can speak with leaders in the field on a range of topics that include the examination of difficult or unusual cases.

Learn More from OsteoMed: Event Information

The AAOS meeting is scheduled for March 11-15 in New Orleans. In order to attend AAOS 2014, you must register online. For help logging in, please contact AAOS Meeting Services at meeting@aaos.org or by calling (800) 346-2267. Note: you must pay any outstanding dues in full before registration. For further information about the event or to register please, visit the AAOS annual meeting website.

For more information about OsteoMed Events, please, email webinfo@osteomed.com or call (888) 370-9997 or go online to our website.

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OsteoMed Events: Upcoming Events for March 2014

OsteoMed Events Upcoming Events for March 2014 300x200 OsteoMed Events: Upcoming Events for March 2014OsteoMed is proud to announce our participation in several important events in the month of March.

Ventricular and Skull Base Endoscopy (March 6-8)

Join us in St. Louis for an Advanced Surgical Techniques Workshop hosted by Saint Louis University: a course in Advanced Surgical Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. This course will discuss ventricular and skull base endoscopy. Participants will review and discuss the complex mechanical and anatomical factors involved in obstructive sleep apnea, review and describe multiple procedures for targeting various anatomical features associated with these problems, perform procedures including pharyngoplasty and advanced palatoplasty, and discuss patient selection, indications, and contraindications.

OMSNIC Seminar (March 22)

This year’s meeting of the Washington State Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (WSSOMS) will take place 7 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 22, at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Wash.

This seminar brings together an examination of case examples in light of non-clinical OMS claims. Highlights include risk management techniques that can lead to an improvement of patient care, as well as strategies to make claims more defensible should they arise. There will also be discussion of the role support staff takes in risk management.

American Cleft Palate Association 71st Annual Meeting (March 25-29)

Join us in Indianapolis for the 71st ACPA annual meeting, as we explore issues related to cleft palate, and case studies of patients and families affected by this condition. This year’s meeting will provide a closer look at recent developments in the field. Topics of discussion include ethics, surgical modalities, patient outcomes, and recent technological innovations. The educational program will feature a keynote address by Ms. R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder—the story of a young boy, Auggie, who suffers from a craniofacial anomaly (please visit choosekind.tumblr.com for more information).

OsteoMed Events: Dedicated to Learning and Caring

Please accept our cordial invitation to join us at any or all of these events. For more information about OsteoMed Events, please, call (888) 370-9997 or email webinfo@osteomed.com. You may also visit our company website.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed ExtremiLock Foot Plating System (FPS)

OsteoMed Foot Plating System FPS 288x300 OsteoMed ExtremiLock Foot Plating System (FPS)OsteoMed’s ExtremiLOCK Foot Plating System is an advanced system allowing comprehensive management of foot trauma and reconstruction. The well thought out system design and layout makes it easy to use and helps create efficiencies in the surgical suite. The OsteoMed FPS system includes 80 plates, all of which integrate the latest variable angled locking technology. This system can be used for complex multiple reconstructions and extensive trauma applications—and is adaptable enough to treat ankle, hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot indications.

The OsteoMed FPS System

The OsteoMed FPS includes unique proprietary instrumentation and titanium components specialized for lower extremity surgery, such as:

  • Plate cutters designed to prevent sharp burs from forming
  • Taks for plate holding provide stable temporary fixation during operation
  • Bending pliers
  • On-bone benders
  • Bone clamps
  • Sharp hooks
  • Periosteal elevators
  • Color-coded reamers—both cup and cone—that assist in fusion of PIP, MTP, and/or DIP joints
  • 80 plates
  • Color-coded plates and screws with transfixation screw technology

The OsteoMed FPS incorporates an ergonomic Driver Handle design with a comfortable ratchet handle that includes an internal quick-release mechanism to ease transitions. The FPS “toolkit” was designed and tested by prominent foot & ankle surgeons, and includes several innovations engineered to help improve surgical outcomes. Locked plating offers greater stability for the total bone/plate construct; transfixation technology (in the Lapidus and MTP/MPJ Plates) uses a screw as a unique tension band to resist plantar distraction.

Product Integration

The OsteoMed FPS modular system is optimized when used in conjunction with other OsteoMed products. Integrating OsteoMed systems into your surgical practice can decrease inventory and clutter in the surgical suite while maximizing flexibility, saving time and costs. The FPS systems works in tandem with:

  • OsteoVation EX bone void filler
  • ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw System (4.0, 3.0, 2.4, and 2.0 mm sizing)
  • M3-X solid screw system (3.0, 2.4, 2.0 and 1.2 mm sizing)
  • Large Cannulated Screws (6.5 and 7.3 mm sizing)

The wide range of screw sizes accepted by FPS plates, along with increased functionality thanks to OsteoVation’s new FX formula, afford surgeons with unprecedented capabilities for reconstruction and repair, even in complex cases OsteoMed’s innovative foot plating system streamlines the process and designed with the patient and surgeon in mind.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed | Pediatric Cranial Facial Surgery with SmartFlex

Pediatric cranial facial surgery is a specialized skill which requires the specialized instruments designed for infants. OsteoMed’s innovative SmartFlex allows for procedures to be performed with a minimally invasive approach. The SmartFlex System offers a selection which can accommodate a variety of skull anatomies. For more information on the SmartFlex System, visithttp://www.osteomed.com or call OsteoMed at (888) 370-9997.

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OsteoMed Power Control Console

OsteoMed Power Control Console 300x235 OsteoMed Power Control ConsoleOsteoMed’s medical equipment is designed to help surgeons do their jobs efficiently and effectively. OsteoPower power surgical instruments include Power Control Consoles, Modular Motor Units, Driver Modules, Footswitches, and related medical tools designed to offer surgeons more options and greater flexibility.

Features of the OsteoMed Power Control Console

OsteoMed’s Power Control Console (PCC) is the “brain” of the OsteoPower System. OsteoMed’s unique system implements multiple intelligent features: dual handpiece ports, direction of motion control, speed range control, and LED-illuminated speed range indicator. The PCC unit is a highly adaptable and versatile control center for surgical power requirements. OsteoMed offers the OsteoMed Power Control Console with irrigation (PCCi) or without irrigation (PCC).

The OsteoPower PCC offers:

  • Brushless DC motor featuring OsteoMed’s proprietary design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Instantaneous motor braking through advanced, electronic safety circuitry
  • Operation in high-speed (≤70,000 RPM) mode and standard speed (≤24,000 RPM) mode
  • Low-weight power cord integrated in to PCC
  • Internal mechanism for module coupling, allowing for quick and easy insertion of handpiece modules
  • Provision for the insertion of all handpiece modules at four different orientations at 90 degree intervals
  • Unit housing constructed from insulating thermoplastic materials, ensuring extremely high durability
  • Autoclavable motor unit and cord for easy cleaning

Additional Products for Integration into the OsteoMed Power Control System

OsteoMed’s broad range of complementary products are designed for modular integration with the Power Control Console for a complete surgical system that can be quickly adapted to changing needs:

  • Bi-directional, multi-function footswitches
  • Modular motor units (MMU)
  • Handpiece modules
  • Pistol grip driver modules
  • Contra angle hand tool modules
  • OsteoGraft bone grafting wheel
  • OsteoHarvester for revolutionary, single-step harvest of autogenous bone morsels

Advantages of the OsteoMed OsteoPower System

The OsteoMed Power Control Console and system components are designed to maximize a surgeon’s flexibility, efficiency, and precision control in the surgical suite. For example, the OsteoMed footswitch allows the surgeon to select an “A” or “B” motor unit, and the amount of pressure exerted on the footswitch correlates to motor speed. Using OsteoMed’s Hand-Controlled Motor Unit and Cord, a surgeon may select variable speed, maximum speed range, forward and reverse motion, and safety mode functions remotely with the tip of her or his finger, reducing the amount of time spent adjusting these settings at the PCC unit itself.

OsteoMed’s forward-thinking implements yield products that suit the needs of surgeons. Using the OsteoPower System, surgeons achieve an extremely high degree of precision, virtually endless combinations of surgical tools and tool fittings, and greater efficiency during operating procedures.

Find Out More

For more information, please, click here to view the OsteoMed website. You also may view the product brochure, surgical guide, and OsteoMed blog site. To contact OsteoMed, please, call (800) 456-7779 or email at webinfo@osteomed.com.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed Products | OsteoMed 3D Surgical Planning (DPS)

OsteoMed Products OsteoMed 3D Surgical Planning DPS 233x300 OsteoMed Products | OsteoMed 3D Surgical Planning (DPS) OsteoMed, a medical device company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative surgical implants, equipment and medical instruments, has developed an integrated technological surgical planning service designed to enable surgeons to visualize problems and solutions before stepping into the operating room. OsteoMed 3D Surgical Planning is designed to create the cutting-edge AccuPlan Orthognathic Surgery Planning, one of the most innovative OsteoMed products and services currently in circulation.

4 Simple Steps

The AccuPlan system integrates four easy steps across four days to create a complete surgical kit. Designed for each patient and each surgery, this Surgical Planning System is one of the most innovative combinations of OsteoMed products and services:

  • Day 1—Case Data: CT scan data are used to create detailed stone models of patient physiognomy, and to generate pre-op and post-op bite indices. The CT scan data, stone models, and bit indices are used to create a virtual “Model Surgery” set that offers a complete picture of pre-op conditions and builds a post-op surgical plan designed to fit the patient’s specific needs.
  • Day 2—Surgery Planning: Plan your surgery using AccuPlan software. Determine optimal cuts, rotation and movement of pieces, and any intermediate splints. Use visual projections to see the maxilla and mandible move to intermediate and final post-op positions.
  • Day 3—Remote Consultation: Schedule a consultation with one of our MedCAD Biomedical Engineers to precision-adjust post-operative positioning. Review your options and bounce ideas off another experienced professional to help avoid post-surgical complications before they happen. Most consultations take approximately 20 minutes.
  • Day 4—O.R. Surgery Kit:  Receive a Surgery Kit designed to your own specifications and your patient’s unique needs. Your kit will include any occlusal splints (intermediate and final) created with patient data, and a USB drive with images from your Surgical Planning Session. The accurate splint fit will save time in the operating room and reduce patient risk; the images will enable you to review your planned surgery as many times needed before entering the operating room.

Your kit comes to you with quick turnaround time and custom-tailored data and materials. Get the best results for your patients—fast—with this new combination of OsteoMed products and MedCAD technology.

For more information on OsteoMed 3D surgical planning or other OsteoMed products, check out OsteoMed’s website and medcad.net, or call 214-453-9964.

Contact Us!

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