OsteoMed | PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System

PrimaLOK FF Screws 300x225 OsteoMed | PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation SystemThe OsteoMed PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System is a flagship member of OsteoMed’s spinal product line. Robust implant options combine with simplified, included surgical instruments for a facet fixation system that lowers overhead and minimizes inventory while giving surgeons the flexibility required for challenging anatomical surgical problems.

The system offers:

  • polyaxial, self-tapping screws
  • low-profile screw heads
  • simple, percutaneous placement
  • anti-migration technology for long-lasting solutions

Designed for spinal stabilization as a fusion adjunct, the OsteoMed PrimaLOK FF system works to bilaterally immobilize the facet joints. Posterior surgical treatment using PrimaLOK FF can include:

  • trauma (fracture, dislocation)
  • spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, pseudarthrosis
  • failed fusions
  • degenerative disc disease
  • supplemental fixation (ALIF procedures or lateral interbody fusions)
  • contralateral fixation (MIS TLIF procedures)
  • revision/adjacent level fusion

The system can be used with or without bone graft, L1 to S1 inclusive, at single or multiple levels. Integrated surgical tools allow full control, a simplified surgical technique and more options (for either MIS or open delivery). EMG cannula provides cutting-edge neural monitoring.

Available in 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45mm lengths, PrimaLOK FF’s cannulated screws offer surgical flexibility, efficiency and longevity. Related surgical instruments are simplified from first-generation applications and include:

  • implant driver
  • threaded implant driver shaft (cannulated)
  • threaded implant driver shaft (solid)
  • cannula inverter
  • standard cannula
  • EMG cannula
  • ratcheting driver handle
  • 3.0mm cannulated drill
  • 3.0mm cannulated power drill
  • 4.5mm cannulated tip
  • removal driver
  • wire stiffener
  • access needle

The PrimaLOK FF is a premier example of the OsteoMed mission to innovative next-generation products that combine practicality, adaptability improved ease of access, patient satisfaction and better economic efficiency for hospital operations. For more information on the PrimaLOK FF or any other OsteoMed products, please call (888) 370-9997.

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OsteoMed | OMI™ Orthodontic Anchor System

OMI 236x300 OsteoMed | OMI™ Orthodontic Anchor SystemOsteoMed products are known for industry-leading innovation and proven reliability. The OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System builds on that legacy of superior surgical solutions. The OMI’s unique configuration offers a variety of orthodontic anchor screws and instrumentation in a convenient office-friendly organizer.

Orthodontic Anchor System

The OsteoMed OMI™ System is designed specifically to provide fixed points of attachment for orthodontic appliances. Patented Auto-Drive™ self-drilling screws eliminate pre-drilling. OMI Orthodontic Anchor Screws are available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm diameters in lengths ranging from 6mm to 12mm. This variety provides options for a range of orthodontic applications. The unique design of the OMI screws provides for secure anchoring of dentition; a dual aperture and flange implant screw head achieve this.

OMI Orthodontic Anchor Screws can be placed anywhere in the maxilla or mandible that offers adequate bone for anchoring and which does not threaten injury to vital structures (dental roots, nerves, blood vessels, sinuses, etc.).

After orthodontic treatment is complete, the OMI screws can be quickly and easily removed. The anchor system is designed for temporary, single-patient use.

Complementary OsteoMed Products

The OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System is one of several office-based products for improving patient outcomes:

  • RidgeForm Mesh™: Indicated for alveolar ridge reconstruction, RidgeForm Mesh™ is a porous titanium mesh that provides optimal stability and vascularity to the graft site. The mesh is held in place with 1.6mm and/or 2.0mm diameter screws to stabilize and support grafts in dento-alveolar bony defect reconstructions.
  • Mincro™: The Mincro bone graft regeneration fixation kit is a screw system that tacks and stabilizes bone grafts with specially designed screws and optional titanium plates. Also included are 1.2mm tenting screws featuring a large surface area screwhead to support membranes and maintain volume at the graft site.

OsteoMed’s OMI Orthodontic Anchor System, RidgeForm™ mesh, and Mincro Bone Graft Regeneration Fixation Kit are innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions for superior patient results.

For more information on the OMI™ Orthodontic Anchor System, or to find out about other OsteoMed products, call (888) 370-9997 or visit www.osteomed.com.

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OsteoMed’s ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw System

OsteoMed’s innovative ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw system aims to transform the ways surgeons can work. Packaged as a single system, these different screw types allow a surgeon to make in-process decisions on what can best help a patient.OsteoMed Extremifix Screw System 230x300 OsteoMeds ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw System

Flexibility and Performance

OsteoMed designs and offers decision-making flexibility in the surgical suite without sacrificing performance. The system includes 2.0, 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0mm cannulated screws. Choose your size in headed or headless cannulated lag screw formations designed specifically for a range of indications in the extremities. Narrow trailing diameters are available for small bone applications, and screw lengths range from 6mm to 52mm.

The ExtremiFix

ExtremiFix screws provide the surgeon with excellent compression and OsteoMed’s distinctive superior self drilling cutting flutes  help aid bone healing.  Reverse cutting, self-tapping and self-drilling screw varieties help a surgeon remove and insert screws more quickly and easily. Specially designed low profile screw heads prevent soft tissues irritation.

The highly engineered ExtremiFix system includes:

  • Cannulated screws—headless and partially threaded options
  • 0, 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0mm widths
  • Lengths from 6mm to 52mm
  • Narrow trailing diameter makes the screws suitable for small bones
  • Low-profile heads to ease/prevent soft tissue irritation

OsteoMed focuses on the adaptability, affordability and exacting service provided to surgeons. For more information on the ExtremiFix system, or to find out about other OsteoMed products, call (888) 370-9997 or visit www.osteomed.com.


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OsteoMed OsteoHarvester 229x300 OsteoHarvester  Technologies like OsteoMed’s OsteoHarvester set the industry standard for medical devices. Our surgical power equipment not only meets industry standards but exceeds them, with a focus on top quality and innovative engineering. The OsteoHarvester, like most OsteoMed tools, is designed to complement our other product lines, maximizing surgical efficiency while minimizing cost. Give your surgical team improved surgical power with tools that maximize patient outcome while minimizing surgical time and cost.

The OsteoMed OsteoHarvester

The OsteoHarvester allows the surgeon the capacity to harvest morselized autogenous bone – the gold standard for bone grafting applications – in a single revolutionary step. This sought-after biomaterial is traditionally difficult to obtain and precarious to work with. Now, with OsteoMed’s minimally invasive OsteoHarvester technology, those problems are a thing of the past. Step into the future of orthopedic surgery with the OsteoHarvester.

The OsteoHarvester harvests both cortical and cancellous bone particulate, and includes both reusable and disposable components for a fully modular setup. Depending on the operation, the surgeon may require either the Bone Harvester or Bone Collector.

The Bone Harvester includes:

  • Harvest cap (reusable)
  • Reservoir (reusable)
  • Plug (reusable)
  • Suction adapter (reusable)
  • Plunger (reusable)
  • Dish (reusable)
  • Contra-angle disposable set for 7 and 11 mm drills
  • Tubing (disposable)
  • Harvester filter (disposable)

The Bone Collector includes:

  • Collector cap (reusable)
  • Reservoir (reusable)
  • Collector wand (reusable)
  • Dish (reusable)
  • Disposable collector filter

This minimally invasive technology is compatible with any contra-angle drill handpiece that operates at between 500 and 700rpm. Reusable components minimize cost by replacing only what’s really necessary for each application. The OsteoHarvester can also be used as an in-line suction bone collector, further minimizing the need for extra tools and improving multifunctionality of the surgical suite.

At OsteoMed,  we strive to create devices to improve patient outcomes. When you succeed in improving your techniques and thus your patients’ lives, we feel we’ve done our jobs. For more information on the OsteoHarvester or other game-changing OsteoMed products, call (888) 370-9997.

Contact Us!

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Save the Date: Sept 21st During AOFAS – Ankle Fracture Management Featuring John S. Early, M.D.

Early Save the Date page 001 1024x512 Save the Date: Sept 21st During AOFAS   Ankle Fracture Management Featuring John S. Early, M.D.

Early Save the Date page 002 1024x512 Save the Date: Sept 21st During AOFAS   Ankle Fracture Management Featuring John S. Early, M.D.

Download the full PDF event brochure here: Early Save the Date

John S. Early, M.D. is a board certified Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the care of foot and ankle abnormalities. His interests range from the management of toe deformities to restoring weight bearing function with complex reconstructions. His specialty is managing severe fractures of the foot and ankle and correcting neuromuscular imbalance caused by disease or injury. He is well versed in the use of internal fixation as well as complex external frames for limb reconstruction.

Dr. Early is internationally known and nationally sought after for his expertise in complex foot and ankle reconstruction. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on issues relating to foot and ankle care. He is codirector of a well-regarded foot and ankle fellowship that continues to train orthopaedic physicians in the subspecialty care of foot and ankle disease. Prior to his association with Texas Orthopaedic Associates, he spent 10 years on the fulltime Orthopaedic faculty at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as head of the Foot and Ankle division. Presently,
Dr. Early holds the title of Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Southwestern Medical Center.

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OsteoMed at ACOMS – China

OsteoMed at ACOMS China 300x200 OsteoMed at ACOMS   ChinaOsteoMed ACOMS China 300x151 OsteoMed at ACOMS   ChinaThe 11th annual Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery will take place this August 22-25 in Xi’an, China, and OsteoMed will be proud to be in attendance. The conference will take place in the Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Center (15 Huixin Road) and features a full panel of professional speakers, vendors, exhibitions and pre-conference classes.


The conference will feature four plenary speakers:

  • Wei-Liu Qiu of China, Dean of the Stomatological School of Shanghai Second Medical University and Superintendent of affiliated Shanghai Ninth Peoples Hospital;
  • Piet Haers, of the UK, President of IAOMS;
  • Cun-yu Wang, D.D.S., Ph.D of the USA, the No-Hee Park Endowed Professor and Chair in the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine as well as the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at the University of California-LA’s School of Dentistry; and
  • Fu-Chan Wei, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Chinese Taipei, in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Chang Gung University’s College of Medicine.

In addition, the conference features a broad spectrum of symposium speakers from an international background, including Russia, the USA, the UK, Bangladesh, China, Australia, India, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Spain and Malaysia —among others.

The Schedule

Trainee sessions, executive meetings, committee sessions and pre-congress workshops will be held on Friday in preparation for the main event running Saturday through Monday. Plenary sessions, opening ceremonies, poster presentations and meetings will take place on Saturday morning and over the lunch hour — including two lunch meeting sessions. Symposia begin on Saturday afternoon and continue through Monday, with topics ranging from Trauma Management to Oncology and Pathology to Reconstructive Surgery and new Digital Surgery techniques. The closing ceremony will take place early Monday afternoon.

OsteoMed at the Congress

OsteoMed will be at booth 13 attending as a vendor at the 2014 Congress as well as a participant in symposium sessions. OsteoMed views sessions like this as chances to delve into the current state of the surgical arts, to identify potential future breakthroughs in surgical techniques and to show our friends and colleagues in the surgical communities exactly what OsteoMed medical products can offer real-world surgical situations. We look forward to seeing you in Xi’an in August!

For additional event information, please visit the ACOMS website at www.11acoms.com. If you would like to learn more about OsteoMed prior to the show, please call +1 972-677-4600 or visit www.osteomed.com.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed Inion

OsteoMed Inion 229x300 OsteoMed Inion At OsteoMed, we pride ourselves on innovating reliable, cost-effective implant solutions. We use next-generation scientific techniques in tandem with practical surgical experience to create surgical solutions that work. We outpace other medical device companies by combining a relentless eye with practicality and affordability with continuous education on the state of the medical art. One flagship result of this fusion between medical science and OR effectiveness is the Inion OTPS biodegradable surgical pin.

Why Biodegradable?

Inion OTPS pins provide progressive load transfer capabilities you can trust. OsteoMed has built a name on long-term reliability and treatment improvement through innovation. Our Inion pins have an excellent track record proven through long-term clinical use. They effectively eliminate problems with palpability and implant permanence. By making secondary surgeries unnecessary, they keep costs down for both surgeons and patients, decreasing risk and increasing chances for successful recovery.

Better Together

In keeping with OsteoMed’s practice of creating modular, interactive surgical solutions, the Inion system is designed to work in tandem with our proven ExtremiFix cannulated screw system. This surgical solution, designed to improve a surgeon’s ability to treat problems with small bone extremities, offers top-quality bone purchase and compression for successful bone healing.  ExtremiFix includes:

  • headless and cannulated lag screw options in 2.0, 2.3, 3.0, and 4.0 mm
  • narrow trailing diameter 2.0/2.4 mm headless screws up to 50 mm in length designed for small bone fusion indications
  • titanium screw construction for excellent strength and bone purchase
  • reverse cutting flutes that are self-drilling and self-tapping for quick, precise insertion and removal

OsteoMed’s industry-leading Inion biodegradable pin system helps your patients heal safely, effectively, and efficiently. Combine Inion with ExtremiFix screws for increased versatility. Align and stabilize bone fractures or osteotomies. Reliably secure bone grafts or arthrodeses while minimizing patient trauma and speeding recovery. Reliable, strong, and completely biodegradable, Inion OTPS pins remove the need for future surgeries to remove or manage pin placement. Your patients will thank you.

Inion pins and ExtremiFix cannulated screws are only a small sample of the innovative, effective solutions we offer at OsteoMed. For information on Inion or other OsteoMed products please call (888) 370-9997. Let us show you how we can improve the surgical experience for yourself and for your patients.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed OsteoMatch

OsteoMed OsteoMatch 285x300 OsteoMed OsteoMatch  The OsteoMed OsteoMatch custom implant is designed to help surgeons provide high-quality surgical solutions for patients with large craniomaxillofacial defects. The OsteoMatch system combines durable, reliable implant materials with a high level of customization based on pre-surgical measurements and modeling for a personalized fit based on each anatomical need.

OsteoMatch custom implants are available in the more traditional PMMA polymer or in the new OsteoMed PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) material. OsteoMatch is:

  • Beveled with textured edges to promote micro-ingrowth of skull tissues to help stabilize the implant over the long term
  • Solid, with non-porous scalp and dura surfaces to protect against unwanted tissue ingrowth in suboptimal areas—as well as discouraging infection (non-vascularized) or adhesion
  • Adaptable, with fine-tuning capabilities allowing the surgeon to match contours on neighboring bone using skull modeling to create an unprecedented anatomical fit

OsteoMatch PEEK Patient Matched implant offers a superior solution in cranial defect cases. Cutting-edge technology matched with custom surgical utility allows the surgeon to craft an implant to exacting anatomical specifications for a better anatomical fit than conventional methods. The PEEK implant is:

  • Temperature and fracture resistant—and can thus be vacuum-sterilized and/or autoclaved
  • Modular—can be provided in a single piece or in multiple pieces for larger defect sites
  • Reliable—can be fixated using any of OsteoMed’s cranial fixation systems
  • Efficient,  allowing surgeons to reduce operating time while still achieving optimal aesthetic results

OsteoMatch Timeline

A surgeon needs only a patient CT scan to design, obtain and implement the OsteoMatch technological surgical solution. When the OsteoMed OsteoMatch technicians receive CT scan data (Day 1), they begin initial implant design in concert with the surgeon. By Day 5, initial designs are complete; Days 6-8 allow extra time for detailed implant design and final approval is expected by Day 8. Final implant fabrication takes place to exacting technical specifications during Days 9-12 and the implant is shipped between Days 13-15, allowing surgery within approximately two weeks of initial data acquisition.

OsteoMatch is one of many OsteoMed medical products that match cutting-edge technology with personalized concern for patient wellbeing. For more information on OsteoMatch or other OsteoMed products, call (888) 370-9997.

Contact Us!


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OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System

OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System 300x262 OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System OsteoMed is proud to introduce the new OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System, a comprehensive ankle fracture systems featuring double-lead screw technologies in cannulated, locking and non-locking screw configurations. This adaptive system was designed in close collaboration with cutting-edge orthopedic specialists to ensure high efficiency in the surgical environment, ease of surgical use and positive patient outcomes.

Adaptable, Flexible

With angled-locking technology and universal screw holes, the OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK is designed to help surgeons address complex fractures and the unique individual fracture personality. Anatomical plate designs conform to a range of indications, creating efficiencies in plate application. Polished, rounded edges provide prolonged patient comfort and are designed to maximize post-surgical implant longevity. A low-profile plate and screw interface is also focused on patient comfort.

The comprehensive series of screw options includes:

  • Non-locking screws in 4.0mm, 3.5mm and 2.7mm diameters
  • A cannulated non-locking screw option in 4.0mm diameter
  • Angled locking screw options in 4.0mm, 3.5mm and 2.7mm diameters

Efficient, Effective

Our industry-leading double-lead screw technology seats faster to improve time in the operating suite without sacrificing precision or security of the repair. Two separate, intertwined threads on the screw shaft allow the screw to insert more quickly and provide strong purchase. Combined with 20 degree angled locking technology and universal screw holes that allow any screw option to seat in any hole in the plate, the double-lead screw provides unprecedented precision, accuracy and on-suite speed.

At OsteoMed, we pride ourselves on producing tools that maximize surgical efficiency while focusing on optimal patient outcomes. The OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System is a premier example of OsteoMed’s goals of efficiency and flexibility, allowing surgeons to adapt to the complex and changing clinical environment with ease, speed and exacting care.

For more information on the OsteoMed ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System or to learn more about OsteoMed’s unique approach to surgical care, call (888) 370-9997.

Contact Us!

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OsteoMed’s Maxillary Distraction System

OsteoMed’s Maxillary Distraction System 300x251 OsteoMed’s Maxillary Distraction SystemOsteoMed is proud to introduce the Spectrum Maxillary Distraction System, a maxillary osteogenesis distraction solution. The Spectrum offers:

  • No external distraction wires or halo device required; easier for surgeon to manipulate
  • Internal design enhances patient’s quality of life and safety throughout phases of distraction
  • Easily accessible activation points
  • Spectrum LeFort III for use in combination with LeFort I and III distractions or only LeFort III distraction
  • Variable-length distraction rod
  • Multiple cranial attachment options
  • Simultaneous distraction of a LeFort I supported by front portion
  • Revolutionary titanium and titanium alloy construction
  • Indicated in many surgical contexts including internal cleft palate

Complementary Products

OsteoMed makes a point of creating modular surgical systems that interact and complement one another, minimizing inventories while helping to maximize patient outcomes. The Spectrum is complimented by the OsteoMed Logic Mandibular Distraction System. The Logic includes an intra-oral bone distractor, featuring various activated straight and curved devices. The Logic offers:

  • Threaded wire with screw ports affixed to bone through 1.6mm and 2.0mm bone screw options
  • A low profile, intra-oral osteogenic system
  • Choice of 3 device models
  • Activation wire can be cut and removed during consolidation phase to reduce risk of infection
  • A Logic Jr. Pediatric Distraction System designed for children aged 4 years or younger and infants; indicated for correction of congenital deficiencies or post-traumatic defects

OsteoMed offers a full range of surgical tools and devices such as the Spectrum Maxillary Distraction System. They offer scalable solutions aimed at integration into any size practice or medical-surgical facility.

As with most OsteoMed products, many unique combinations of systems and system components allows for customization of one’s surgical environment. For more information on the OsteoMed Spectrum System please visit osteomed.com or call (888) 370-9997.

Contact Us!

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